Aug. 5th, 2014 09:31 pm
I found this to be one of the better Bicons, plenty of chatting, chilling and extracting money from people who actually think I'm contributing to the community. I even made it to three workshops, probably my Bicon limit, in one of which I shared too much and the other two I didn't share anything. I don't want to go into too many details though in case I write it all up as a zine page and then can't use it because I gave it away free on my blog.

You know this is an advert. Anyone who still wants a copy of Bike Immunity news can get it here. I was also selling my new self-published collection of stories The End of the World: A User's Guide, information and buying opportunities can be found here.

Many thanks to all those people (and there seem to have been a lot of you) who supported these ventures, and to everyone who just stopped for a chat.
Anne and I stayed in a hotel in Workington for my birthday, using a voucher that we’d got off Richard and Rhona - very nice but I had to pretend to have a broken leg and be on my honeymoon to get away with it. We spent the day driving around an area which was disappointingly spelt “Wrynose”, and consisted of all the hills and bends that were left over from the roads in the rest of the country. We found a Roman fort which was too out of the way to be any kind of tourist attraction, so we had it to ourselves - not all of it was well-preserved but half of it was still there. We also rescued a goat which had got its head stuck in a fence. Goats: gratitude costs nothing. We went to Windermere the next day as Anne was reliving her childhood and insisted on going on the ferry, which wasn’t so much like a ferry as I understand it but was really a piece of road that was towed across the lake.
In writing news, my story “The Mistake Bureau” has been accepted by The First Line, and in fact they seem to have published it already.
And in a bid to spam this on as many blogs and websites as I have access to, I can now announce that this year's Bike Immunity news is available from this website for £1.50 including postage. I would like to pay tribute to the numerous pieces of technology that failed in the making of this zine.
Anne took her horse and her unpaid downtrodden groom to Thornton-le-Dale gala, she came a strong last in the first class but was able to get fourth out of seven for the “handsome horse” category, which means she won a rosette. I once again won the category for person allergic to the most number of things in a field, and accepted my prize while impersonating a human-shaped pile of mucus.
Today the shop received its first donation of a well-thumbed (I assume it was a thumb) copy of 50 Shades of Gray. Somehow I suspect we'll be seeing many, many more of them in the coming months. "It won't sell, everyone's already got it," I said wisely, as someone bought it.



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